Has social media liberated us or imprisoned us?


In this stunning series of illustrations by Felipe Luchi, we get to explore the other side of technology. The dark side that no one likes to talk about. The side in which we finally admit that we’re slaves to technology and prisoners to the gadgets we use.

Oh I know most of us will deny it, but can you imagine a day without your smart phone and all of the perks of Facebook, Twitter etc., etc.?

For starters, most of us would be late for work because who uses a traditional good old fashioned alarm clock these days. Nope. Without our phone to waken us up, most of us would sleep straight through GMTV and totally miss Aled and Lorraine on the sofa. ‘Drama’!


Now you’ve skipped breakfast so you can check your Tweets and Facebook messages before leaving the house just incase you’ve missed anything of vital importance in those 6 hours you disconnected from the worldwide web and gave into that annoying base human need for sleep.

So now what?

Well you’ve made it to the station with your Rivita bar in hand and you’ve text Louise back on the way, narrowly missing getting knocked down by that rude driver who just wasn’t looking where you were going. You’ve ‘Liked’ three pictures of smiley cats and shared an image of some hotel room because you might win a weekend there for two and creepy Nigel from HR has ‘Liked’ every post you’ve made in the last 12 hours including the one about the weekend away for two – gulp!

He’s also tagged you in 57 shots on his Facebook from Saturday night when in a complete accident of fate he just happened to check in on Four Square in the exact same bar you and your friends met in 134 miles away. Who’d have thought when you were planning the night on Facebook that good old Nige would just happen to be in the area. It really is a small world.

Now you’ve cleverly avoided having to communicate with the ticket collector at the station by purchasing a digital ticket, which you flash as you head out onto the platform. Suddenly you hear something. Words. Something’s wrong. A recorded voice comes over the speaker to announce that the 6:15 has been delayed by 15 minutes. Cold sweet. What should you do? I suppose you could strike up a conversation with a fellow commuter, but that might mean having to use more than 140 letters. ‘OMG’ Nope can’t do that. Best text work and let them know you’re going to be late and then just to listen to some music on your phone whilst texting, tweeting and updating your profile on Facebook.

That’s much more ‘social‘ than talking to someone – isn’t it?

Relief. The train arrives. You find a seat and settle into a quick game of Angry Birds. A quick scan of your favorite sites and you’re there. Only two texts from Louise. Best send her an email when you get into work and maybe quickly find one of those ‘life goes on’ e-cards for her. Oh – Nige just started to ‘Follow’ you on Twitter and what’s that; oh he’s looking to ‘Connect’ with you on Linked In and joy, he’s updated his profile with one of the shots of you and him. Seriously – how many pictures did he take with his phone?

Congratulations. You’ve successfully made it to the office without making eye contact or uttering a single word to another living soul. Oh I do love ‘social’ media!



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