Brands. Nazis and Baby Steps.


Travelling into work this morning on the train, I really didn’t think I’d be writing a headline for our blog with the word ‘Nazi’ in it. But I suppose that’s one of the many weird and wonderful things about working in advertising, you never really know what you’ll be called upon to do.

Anyway, I spotted this poster earlier on a blog by a chap from Widen+Kennedy Amsterdam. It caught my eye as I was scrolling through the newsfeed because the image is something that is pretty important to us here at The Mission Control in Belfast. In-fact – it actually takes pride of place in our reception and for those of you with an eye for detail, well you might even have spotted it on our website.

However for us, ‘The Great Escape’ isn’t about tunnelling our way out of a Luftwaffe Prison Camp or sitting around on Christmas Day with a tin of Quality Street wondering if the movie will end any differently this year.

No – for us ‘The Great Escape’ is about helping our clients’ escape the confines of their home market and crossing borders into new markets. Unlike Steve McQueen who tried to do it on a motorbike; we prefer to do it with strategy and informed, in-country insights. It’s much less painful and a great deal more successful.

‘The Great Escape’ also means escaping the trap of thinking in advertising traditional agency terms. Taking a brand into a new market you really can’t afford to fall back on the ‘what works at home’ ethic. You have to be region centric and culturally aware.  Few companies have the resources to launch ‘globally’ straight away, so for many, the best policy is one of taking baby steps, targeting and securing one geographic region at a time.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to post some practical advice based on experience for companies looking to expand into new regions and the barriers they might face and how to overcome these. 



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