The Cannes Lions Health Festival


Most creative types would happily trade you a limb for the chance to pick up a Lion at Cannes. Indeed this year has seen 33,765 entries with agencies spending an estimated €18.5 million for the privilege of having their work considered.

Yet one of the most lucrative and creative disciplines in advertising has been overlooked by the awards – healthcare. Thankfully Festival organisers have announced that a brand new Lions Health Festival will be open to agencies and clients next year.

The two-day Lions Health awards will be held before the main Cannes Festival starts on Saturday, June 5th, 2014. Don’t mistake the Lions Health awards for a token gesture by Festival organisers however. The new awards are set to be just as competitive with five juries to judge entries covering three areas: health (communication that falls under regulatory restrictions), wellness (communications that aren’t regulated) and sustainability.

Visitors to the Cannes Festival will know that many of the contests are already divided into categories that include pharmacy and healthcare, but more often than not these campaigns are overshadowed by more glamorous product categories.

Here at The Mission Control, we’ve been working with companies in the health care sector for years and our clients have picked up numerous effectiveness awards at various festivals around the world, but we have to admit, the new Lions Health festival has got us excited and we can’t wait to see what campaigns we come up with over the coming year working with clients in the United States and Europe.


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