Start with the Strategy.


Working with the digital marketing team at Kingspan Environmental, The Mission was to create a tactile bridge between the traditional printed formats that Kingspan Environmental staff, suppliers and customers were familiar with and the new wider digital environment in which the brand sought to engage with its audience after the launch of its new website.

Our strategy was to embrace the motivators that we recognised as triggering a positive reaction amongst the audience and using these to stimulate a natural migration to the new site. This lead to the development of a printed info-brochure that provided users with the knowledgebase they would need to engage with the site in a familiar and approachable way, thereby overcoming the very human fear of change. Not only were users empowered but they were also presented with clear benefits as to how the site would make their daily working lives easier by way of specifying and getting technical information relating to the extensive range of products within the brand portfolio.


As a marketing tool, the info-brochure clearly showed that both traditional and digital communications channels could be used in conjunction to bring about positive audience engagement and behavioural change when you approach a project with an open mind and no preconceptions and allow the strategy to evolve organically.

Mission Accomplished!


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