Equiniti PeopleAX hires The Mission Control.


Equiniti ICS offers outsourced payroll services using the latest technologies, driving unprecedented payroll accuracy for a wealth of private, public and not for profit organisations throughout the UK.

Following a creative review involving a number of agencies, The Mission Control was hired to create and deliver a fully integrated campaign solution to raise awareness of the brand’s standalone PeopleAX payroll software. Accredited by Microsoft and HMRC, PeopleAX combines powerful processing with a familiar Microsoft UI.

Working in tandem with the Equiniti marketing team, The Mission Control has created an intelligent and insightful response that clearly illustrates the benefits of PeopleAX to both Payroll and HR departments.

The campaign was created following extensive market research and will see a host of people presented as infographics over coming months to demonstrate some of the key metrics that PeopleAX can be used to identify. The underpinning creative message is that PeopleAX is much more than just an intelligent piece of software for doing payroll – it offers companies and organisations a unique insight into their workforce.


Mission Accomplished!


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