WWW or What Went Wrong?


Perhaps we didn’t get enough hugs growing up or mum never put our painting on the refrigerator door, but somewhere along the way we’ve evolved or is that de-evolved into an insecure and desperately needy species that constantly requires the validation of strangers to endorse our very existence and lifestyle decisions.

Instead of looking at the bigger picture, we’ve reduced our view of the world to what we see on a screen 640pxl x 1136pxls. We’ve traded our right to Privacy for a loyalty card and profile. We’ve seen reputations shattered and governments toppled in 140 characters and we’ve discovered that there’s no problem that can’t be solved by following 5 Top Tips.

We’ve all suffered the loss of discovering at least one wealthy relative passing away somewhere in Africa leaving us millions of dollars and all we need do is send all of our online banking details to claim it.

We’ve discovered that by pressing ‘Like’ on an article we don’t have time to read, we can do our bit to stop war, hunger and injustice and if you can help someone reach 100,000 ‘Likes’ their boss will give them a raise or the day off. Hell – get enough ‘Likes’ and you might even get that life saving surgery you need.

And let’s not forget, no matter who you are, there’s always going to be a cure for hair loss or erectile dysfunction in your inbox and that if you put a semi-naked person in the post – someone will open it.

I really wonder if this was the vision Tim Berners Lee had when he introduced us to the world-wide-web back in 1989?


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