Getting Tactile with Tactility Factory at the London Design Festival.

The story of Tactility began for us just two months ago when through a recommendation from another client; we were invited to meet with the founders of Tactility Factory.

Immediately the chemistry was there and within days we were part of the team; creating a strategy that would allow TF to participate in London Design Festival and undertake a trade mission to the Middle East.

We essentially became squatters in the TF office, working alongside the founders to verbalise the brand story and define a recognisable industry descriptive for their evolutionary product range.

That descriptive was to become Infused Concrete®.
Working in partnership with those clever people at Wylie Communications, we shaped a strategic roadmap for the London Design Festival and the Middle East that utilised a range of supporting channels to deliver a coherent and consistent entry point for Tactility Factory to introduce the concept and reality of Infused Concrete®.

This included the creation of a brand lexicon and a catalogue of emotive images that would run through all audience touch-points – culminating in a strategic plan and roll out for the coming year.

Good luck to the team at the London Design Festival and on tour in the Middle East.

Mission Accomplished!


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