Taconic Biosciences Global Launch.

Taconic Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 14.01.11

The mission began in January 2014 in a small town two hours north of New York. Stepping off the train in the midst of the Arctic Freeze, we made our way to the meeting that included two generations of the family who owned the business and contributors from Miami, San Francisco, Germany and Denmark.

We were all gathered to hear the plans for the coming year that included a major rebrand that would effectively position Taconic as the sector leader and introduce clients to a host of new services offered by the company.

Our mission was to work with the Taconic marketing team in the United States to create and deliver all of the brand assets that would introduce the world to Taconic Biosciences as a new entity. Recognising that those we would be targeting included NASA – one of Taconic’s existing customers, we quickly established the scale of the challenge facing us.

In addition to the obvious challenges that you face in creating an engaging roll-out strategy, we were also tasked with ensuring the roll-out simultaneously across two continents.

Working in real-time and on location with the Taconic Marketing team in Hudson and their partners in San Francisco, we managed the development of the new brand assets and their distribution throughout the company – ensuring buy-in from all levels within the company.

We then worked with the Taconic Marketing team to facilitate a seamless transfer from the old brand position to the new one. This was not just a change in logo – this was a fundamental cultural change that challenged perceptions – both internally and externally, creating a new chapter in the Taconic brand story.

Key to the effective delivery of the project was undoubtedly the collaborative relationship that developed between the Taconic Marketing team and The Mission Control. Honest debate, valid critique and commercial integrity were the linchpin to ensuring the successful completion of the strategy and rollout.

Mission Accomplished!


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