Red Bull’s Not For Idiots.


I’ve been addicted to Red Bull for more years than I care to remember. But when I read that a court in the US had found against the company over its ‘Red Bull Gives You Wings’ slogan and discovered the reason why, well it sort of made me want to move to a planet with intelligent life.

Is it possible that someone really thought that if I pop this tin of overpriced juiced up caffeine that I’m actually going to sprout a pair of wings and run a 30 second mile? At that rate, I’m pretty amazed they even figured out how to open the tin.

But it does toss up an interesting topic for advertisers. Have we moved into an era of ‘Claims for Slogans?’ I can just see the ads, ‘Have you seen an ad that didn’t turn you into the guy from the Old Spice commercial, did your wife look nothing like the model in the M&S underwear ad, did the Bank that likes say yes tell you to naff off, did every little helps not really help? Then you need GoCompareIdiots.’

Truthfully the ruling probably did more for the brand that it will admit. The $13million settlement is really small change and look at the exposure it has gained. But is it negative exposure – well not if you can tie your own shoelaces. Most people will see it for what it is and just like some of you can’t start the day without a coffee, millions more of us can’t start a day without a tin of Red Bull.

Now come to think of it – had someone actually sprouted a pair of wings from drinking the stuff – then that might have been reason to go to court.


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