Brands need to speak like real people and not corporate machines.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with marketing terms and buzzwords. But like most things in life, when you peel away the jargon and cut through the crap, most of it is just good old fashioned common sense – intelligently applied.

So when it comes to your brand story – keep it authentic. Give your content personality, so that when you engage with consumers, you’re doing so in human terms.

That’s what we did with Equiniti PeopleAX. We gave the brand a straightforward and honest voice that allowed it to speak with its audience in a relevant way that said, ‘I know the problems you’re facing – and I’m here to help’. Overnight Equiniti PeopleAX transformed itself from a piece of software into your best work buddy and a multi-million-pound brand.

Now more than ever before, with the explosion of technology offering you evermore opportunities to touch and engage with your consumers – you need to think about that tone of voice – not only in your big brand communications, but at every level and every touch-point.

Mission Accomplished!


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