Making a name for yourself.

MISSION Facebook - Kings & Queens Post 01

Creating a brand name is a very personal and emotive process that can take months of research and introspection, not to mention a considerable investment.

But with an increasingly noisy digital marketplace and a shortage of words for brands to draw upon, many companies are going old school and opting for simpler naming conventions that connect with people in a more meaningful and straightforward way.

When Apple first introduced its “i” naming convention back in 2001, the world quickly followed suit and the cult of “i” everything swept the planet. In 2014 however – Apple quietly dropped the “i” convention for a much simpler product descriptor giving us Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Pay.

Another notable convert to a simpler naming convention has been Google – with its straightforward approach encompassing Google Glass, Google Play and Google Wallet.

What is perhaps most interesting about this new trend in naming is that the companies taking the lead in this brand revolution are market leaders who have historically always been ahead of the curve on the marketing circuit.

So as we move forward into 2015, the challenge for companies and brands will be to embrace this elementary approach to naming and navigate its integration across all audience touch points in a way that ensures brand stand out without falling into the trap of being generically bland.

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