The Mission Control Appointed to Conservative Election Campaign.

Conservative MC Saatchi

With the opening shots already traded between the main political parties in the run-up to the General Election, strategy director, James Killoran at The Mission Control confirmed industry rumors today after The Prime Minister’s whistle stop trip to Northern Ireland that the agency is indeed working with the Conservative Party to create a communications strategy in what is destined to be a hard fought battle for seats as the local political groups strive to maintain the electoral divide along religious lines.

Targeting those disassociated voters who have grown weary of the traditional tribal politics that have plagued the province for decades, the Conservatives are set to address the real issues impacting on the daily lives of people in the region and offer them a real voice at the heart of Government.

The Mission Control will be joining other key communications professionals brought in to help deliver the 2015 Conservative campaign ahead the General Election including MC Saatchi who recently unveiled the Labour in SNP pocket poster.

Mission Accomplished!


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