Confessions of an intern.


Twelve weeks ago we welcomed our latest intern for what was to turn out to be one of the most interesting periods in our history (so far). During that time Niamh got to work on projects the world over. Now she’s getting ready to head back to university and below is her thoughts on the time:

It’s coming to that time – 12 weeks done with the most amazing company, The Mission Control. Having to leave will be the hardest thing I will have done in a long time (tears will be flooding the place today). I want to thank each and everyone of the team for the amazing time I’ve had and also the crazy journey. Working with so many different companies and people has been a life changing opportunity.

I also want to thank the amazing team at The Mission for all their love and support and dedication to teach me new and exciting things!

Patricia: I have to say it’s been tough working along side you (OJ) No but really such a pleasure to see you every day and have the opportunity to work along side you and also the great and mighty wisdom that you have given me.

James: You have went to the moon and back to put up with my stupid questions (but I really didn’t know what you were talking about some times).

Laurence: I have enjoyed every moment working along side someone so smart and talented and knows his way about Belfast ( where’s this Laurence where’s that?).

And also a big shout out to the Supernova team ( Bertrand Lassallette-Desnault ) for their amazing work and letting me work along side them – it was an honour.

Mission Accomplished!


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