Agency Tattoos: Tom Harte


With AdAge taking a look this week at some of the best tattoos in the industry, we decided to ask our team about their ink and what it means to them.

Tom Harte, chief interactive designer at The Mission Control and rock legend at Trucker Diablo is a walking canvas. His tattoos tell a story that cover his body and started when he was 17.

Having designed all of his own tattoos, Tom says that the creative process is not so very different from what he does as a living – “although changes to the artwork are a bit more painful under the tattooists needle,” he says laughing.

“Some people treat tattoos like a marriage. At first they love them and then as they get older, they want to get rid of them.”

One thing is for sure; Tom is a designer that’s not afraid to tell his own story in his own unique way.

Mission Accomplished!


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