Never Tell Me The Odds…


Don’t you hate it when someone comes telling you the odds as if they are unquestionable facts?

I mean – if someone has already closed their mind off to all other possibilities, what hope is there for ever doing anything different? They might as well just give up and go home.

It’s not that I have a rebellious nature, but I prefer to come at things with an open mind and willing to explore possibilities. Take for example the General Election earlier this year. Many thought us mad when we accepted the Conservative commission to work on the campaign as for all intense and purposes, the media had wrote off any chance of the Party had of winning the majority it needed to form a government. So many considered our aligning ourselves with the campaign as a commercial mistake – especially in an industry where you are only ever as good as your last job.

But as history has proven, things didn’t work out quite how our critics thought they would and we’re proud to say that we contributed to the successful outcome of the General Election in our own small way – despite the protests from certain opposition leaders as to our tactics.

Next – take our recent wins at the Communicator Awards in New York. The odds of us winning a single award were roughly 6000/1. So why enter? Well – in addition to the fact that we were immensely proud of the work and it had delivered unbelievable results for our clients, we didn’t bother to check the odds until after the results were announced. But against the odds, we won three awards.

My point is this. Don’t allow someone else’s odds to dictate your actions. Odds lead to fear and fear leads to procrastination and stagnation.

Indeed, if we were all simply to accept the odds that are presented to us on a daily basis, progress would effectively cease. Entrepreneurs would hang up their dreams and accept the odds of cracking markets dominated by global super brands as impossible.

But like the entrepreneurs that continue to make the impossible – possible, we continue to challenge the odds and that is one of the reasons why, against the odds, a Belfast agency is working in partnership with clients all over the world to deliver outcomes that are changing the world we all live in.

Now what’s the odds of that?

Mission Accomplished


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