The not so conservative, Conservative campaign.


The Annual Davey Awards honours the best in Web, Design, Video, Advertising, Mobile & Social from small agencies worldwide and this year we’re over the moon to be in the running with our integrated campaign strategy for the Conservatives – created in the run-up the 2015 General Election.

To say the campaign was controversial is something of an understatement. To say it was as intriguing with more plot twists and turns than House of Cards is no word of a lie. To say it caused the most senior voices within certain political parties to be raised and angry phone calls to be made, a super-injunction prevents us from either confirming or denying, but one thing we can all agree on is its effectiveness.





When we met with the Conservatives in February 2015, the brief was simple – ‘The Mission Control was to help make David Cameron Prime Minster and ensure cross party political support.’ In May 2015 when the UK votes were counted and the election pundits had enjoyed an ample serving of humble pie, David Cameron was Prime Minister with a clear majority and the cross party support needed.

We’d call that Mission Accomplished!


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