ICONS – Almac gets animated with health and science

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 15.40.59

The ICONS Festival is a unique four-day event across TECH, MUSIC and SCREEN that seeks to educate and enlighten everyone, from students and start-ups, to CEO’s and creative types like ourselves’.

With more than 30 Iconic Speakers, 100 Global Companies and 20,000 Delegates and Visitors, ICONS partner and sponsor Almac – invited The Mission Control to create a bespoke brand animation for the event that would highlight and educate visitors as to the importance of TECH in science, healthcare and biotech.

Working in partnership with the Almac Corporate marketing team, we set about producing an iconic animation that would allow visitors to understand the scope of what they do and how they are using technology to improve life. As a backdrop to the main talk, the animation was to give visual reference to the main topics being covered by the Almac speaker.

The event is also being used by the Almac team to target and recruit the brightest minds in the province to join one of the most successful companies in the country.

Mission Accomplished!


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