Even our table is part of the brand story.


Earlier this year whilst on a shoot at Terry’s, we spotted this old science lab bench tucked away at the back of a warehouse. It had been salvaged from a local school where it had been used by thousands of students over the years to carry out all sorts of experiments and then pretty much forgotten about. Well – with our experience working with brands within the sciences and healthcare sectors, we decided to give it a new lease of life and take it home with us.

Since then we’ve had brand managers and healthcare professionals from all over the world join us around it, not to mention we planned the 2015 Conservative General Election campaign here with a few very well known faces.

We’ve also been very lucky in that we’ve attracted some very talented people to join us at the table to help deliver multiple award winning projects with our clients’ marketing teams. But we’ve always got room for more.

Now we’re planning on using it as the backdrop for work that will be featured on our new website – due to launch early in the New Year not to mention something epic pre Christmas.

Mission Accomplished!



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