Our mission in NYC (so far).


It’s been a crazy few days so far in NYC. But there’s something about the energy of this City that is just infectious. The possibilities are limitless and the opportunities, well they are just waiting to be seized if you’ve got the drive and determination to go after them.

There’s creativity on every avenue and iconic pieces of design on virtually every block. I’ve lived in this City and visited it as a tourist and on business. But it’s never the same City twice. It’s a City that is constantly pulling itself apart and reinventing itself.

It’s a studio without walls, a place where you can sit and plan your next game changer on the underground, in one of the parks, or in the back of a yellow cab. There’s inspiration everywhere you look and no one will pass judgement or give you a second look because everyone is chasing their own dream. It’s a City built on dreams.

Some of us will achieve our dreams, some will change theirs and unfortunately, some will abandon theirs. But thankfully mine is still alive and well and this week will see us take another step closer to achieving it because I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by people that share it and believe in it.

Earlier today we had one of the most important meetings The Mission Control Communications has ever had. Despite the importance of the meeting, there was no boardroom or buzzing projector.  There was just a meeting of minds in Bryan Park and the realisation that if you want something enough and you’re prepared to put the work in and surround you with the right people – well you can make it happen.

That was just one of our meetings in this amazing City this week. Stay tuned for more…

Mission Accomplished!




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