The Building Blocks of a Campaign.


Continuing our theme of articles from the studio, our director of design, Laurence Rea shares some thoughts on his experiences of creating integrated campaign solutions for clients worldwide that challenge popular thinking and prove that treating audiences as people, not demographics, is key.

“In an increasing digital age its refreshing to see that direct mail is again becoming a useful tool to connect with your clients/potential clients, although its good to see that it has improved, instead of swamping the desk of your target audience with flyers, newsletters etc., it’s now about getting something different/innovative onto your audiences desk.

People are tactile, it’s in our nature to pick something up and take a closer look which gives us the perfect opportunity to show them something that makes them take notice to how this can help push their own marketing to another level which in turn should increase sales for their company/service.

This isn’t to say that digital marketing is redundant; some of the best digital campaigns have pushed brands into taking a chance on a campaign that boosted their sales etc.

But if you combine both of these marketing tools along with social media you can create a campaign that reaches audiences you may not have expected to, but by using them in isolation you’re setting a limit on who will see or engage with your campaign.

So if you sent a direct mail piece to a client’s marketing manager you can be sure it will land on their desk whereas an email can be lost or simply forgot about in the hundreds they receive each day. Now that you’ve got their attention, you can show them the opening piece of a campaign that can encompass both direct mail and digital.

Instead of them making a decision of ‘let’s do this to opposed to that‘ they can see how your direct mail piece has opened the door to a campaign that utilises all the marketing tools at your disposal, but it starts from putting something in their hands that will then plant a seed in their head.

Simply put I’d take a box of Lego over Minecraft any day.”

Mission Accomplished!


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