Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences in India

Good luck to entrepôt globetrotter, Andrea Fordham from Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences who is in India this week meeting with potential students.


Working in partnership with the marketing team at Queen’s, The Mission Control Communications created an informative and engaging digital communications pack that whilst honouring the western design influences evident in Queen’s own branding, also paid tribute to the cultural trends prevalent in modern day India.

The seamless integration of influences underpinned a communications strategy developed to promote Queen’s University to students considering travelling overseas to further their education but doing so in a way that is both familiar and relevant.


Collectively, our intention is to highlight the benefits of a Queen’s University education and balance that with an understanding of life in Northern Ireland and its position as a hub providing easy access to the rest of Europe for students to visit during their stay in Northern Ireland.

We’ve continued to work with Andrea during the trip refining all aspects of the campaign assets to meet the specific needs of each audience engagement.

Good luck on the trip and say hello to Kate and William if your paths cross.

Mission Accomplished!


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