D&AD Expertise at The Mission Control Communications


Sitting in my kitchen at home one night, I remember talking with my wife about the sort of agency we wanted to create. We were both adamant that we didn’t want to replicate the traditional Northern Ireland model. We wanted to create an agency that was actively out there attracting work internationally and competing against the legends of our industry.

When we did launch, we quickly found that our biggest challenge wasn’t winning the international work – that was relatively easy. Our biggest challenge was building a team that was capable of working at the level international brands expect and not folding in the face of the challenges that come our way daily. We also had to make sure that our people wouldn’t feel intimidated when going head to head with the big agencies.

It took time and more than a few sleepless nights – but we eventually got the skill sets in place and our team has continued to grow along with our client base and awards cabinet.

Today we remain committed to ensuring that our people have the best training in the world and that is why throughout September and October, we’re sending them on multiple D&AD training courses and workshops in London

Making sure that our people have access to the sort of quality training D&AD courses offer is core to our future success and guarantees that our clients can be confident in the level of service they receive from us.

Courses our team will be taking include: The Art of Art Direction and Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

Mission Accomplished!


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