How to beat the poachers.


We’re really flattered that our creatives are being approached by a local advertising/PR agency trying to poach our talent, but just to clarify, everyone here at The Mission Control Communications seems pretty happy where they are at the moment.

We’ve had a good talk about it at the table where we make all our big decisions, and we’ve collectively agreed that no one wants to go anywhere else – especially with the news that we have some new people starting with us shortly and we’re in the middle of some pretty interesting global projects.

You see – we work really hard to keep our people motivated, interested and involved. We’ve given them an environment that they can thrive in and have a voice in. They get to work one-on-one with clients all over the world, and they get to come up with ideas that aren’t immediately shot down by a Creative Director.

They have also got pretty used to winning – not just new clients, but international awards as well. They also see that the work they are doing is setting new standards across multiple  sectors and influencing other agencies around the world.

We are also prepared to invest in our people – hence the D&AD training courses and workshops that have us all buzzing at the moment. But more than than – we have Fun Time Fridays and we’ll defend our Fun Time Friday buns, muffins and doughnuts to the bitter end 🙂

But thank you for your interest in our very talented people and if anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Mission Accomplished!


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