Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences engages with a new generation of international students.

Our mission was to work with Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences to create a strategic response that would effectively change the way in which educational institutions attract and recruit students locally, nationally and internationally.

For clarity of purpose, it was essential that this not be a superficial or token, cosmetic response. The scope and remit of Queen’s 2020 brand strategy required a unifying brand outcome for the Faculty that would effectively align multiple schools with the real-world expectations of students and employers in a post Brexit, post Obama global environment.

Recognising the necessity to challenge and validate ‘institutionalized’ thinking prevalent across the educational sector, the QUB marketing team adopted a ‘Day 1’ approach to the subject matter, allowing us to question previously accepted cornerstones of generic university marketing.

The outcome created in partnership with the QUB marketing team – a validated restructuring of the ‘university’ to ‘audience’ conversation that expanded that conversation beyond the clichéd images of none-descript young people smiling at the camera and the obligatory universal graduation day image.

Best described as a cerebral response, the strategy that was to drive the creative direction of the campaign was built on three columns of informed understanding that could be applied without bias across the width and breadth of the School and indeed – the University:

  1. Acquire: Queen’s provides the structure and curriculum to Acquire the knowledge needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  2. Apply: Queen’s professional network and relationship with employers locally, nationally and internationally, ensures that the knowledge acquired at QUB can be relevantly applied in the real world.
  3. Augment: Queen’s provides a lifelong association to an institution and alumni that heads up and sits in positions of power across multiple commercial, charitable and government roles world wide. This alumni, that the student will be joining has and continue be leading lights in their chosen sectors with many returning the Queen’s to share their experience with the next generation of graduates.

Recognising that we were laying down the foundations to a legacy strategy, our objective was to create a living, breathing solution that transcended multiple dimensions of engagement and could be effectively adopted and interwoven by other creative partners working with the University over the years to come with relevance and consistency.

Launched and originally tested in India, the ‘Acquire. Apply. Augment,’ positioning structure was subsequently rolled out in China and mainland Europe – triggering both primary and secondary audiences to recognise the lifelong value of a Queen’s education.

The visual neutrality of photography was a deliberate decision that reflects the inclusive culture of Queen’s and communicate that the institution welcomes students from all walks of life.

Campaign deliverables:

  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Folder
  • PowerPoint Presentation Templates

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