Empathy and expertise helps The Mission Control pick up three Life and Health Science accounts.


The Mission Control Communications has picked up three separate Life and Health Science accounts since the World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 12th.
The appointments all come at a time when pharmaceutical and biotech companies are not only adapting to a rapidly changing commercial landscape with new obstacles and expectations at each stage of the journey from lab to bedside but are also finding many of their mainstay communications channels interrupted.
Each of the wins, which include two European companies and one North American, sees The Mission Control work collaboratively with clients own inhouse marketing teams’ to devise and implement comprehensive through the line strategies for a wide range of engagements that address the challenges and opportunities in the market today.
James Killoran, The Mission’s Head of Strategy said, “We’ve worked very hard over the years to build an agency that is structured to solving the unique brand and business problems clients in this sector face. Picking up three international wins however is such quick succession and in the midst of a lockdown is still something of a coup.”
With the perception of pharma and medical companies soaring since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the surge of wins for The Mission Control can be attributed to the agency’s understanding and ability to articulate across channels and regions that the companies they are working with are innovating for the good of all mankind.

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