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Making a name for yourself.

MISSION Facebook - Kings & Queens Post 01

Creating a brand name is a very personal and emotive process that can take months of research and introspection, not to mention a considerable investment.

But with an increasingly noisy digital marketplace and a shortage of words for brands to draw upon, many companies are going old school and opting for simpler naming conventions that connect with people in a more meaningful and straightforward way.

When Apple first introduced its “i” naming convention back in 2001, the world quickly followed suit and the cult of “i” everything swept the planet. In 2014 however – Apple quietly dropped the “i” convention for a much simpler product descriptor giving us Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Pay.

Another notable convert to a simpler naming convention has been Google – with its straightforward approach encompassing Google Glass, Google Play and Google Wallet.

What is perhaps most interesting about this new trend in naming is that the companies taking the lead in this brand revolution are market leaders who have historically always been ahead of the curve on the marketing circuit.

So as we move forward into 2015, the challenge for companies and brands will be to embrace this elementary approach to naming and navigate its integration across all audience touch points in a way that ensures brand stand out without falling into the trap of being generically bland.

Mission ADvice


Branding. The Science.



One of the most interesting things about working in the creative industry is that you are constantly learning about new things. In this case it was a field of science that has massive implications for human health and wellbeing.

Our mission was to work with the client to create a brand that would act as a beacon for the scientific and research community to discuss and share information relating to translational micorbiome.

Originally created for the launch of a blog in the United States, we have subsequently created marketing collateral for the blog in Europe also. Drawing inspiration from the colourful animations used to illustrate the subject matter within the scientific community, our response provided TMRF with the ability to colour coordinate specific sections within the blog as required.

The brand also sought to add a vibrancy to the subject matter which is reflected in the energy and trends set by those leading the breakthroughs in the area.

Mission Accomplished!

Bite Group appoints The Mission Control.


The Bite Group has appointed The Mission Control as its lead creative and strategic agency following a comprehensive brand review that began in January.

The retail manufacturer who produces brands for Starbucks and Dunnes amongst others has been in substantive discussions with the agency for months but only awarded the business earlier this week after a final round of presentations from agencies in both the UK and RoI.

James Killoran from The Mission said: “It was obvious from the first meeting that the Bite team shared out appetite for amazing work. Bite has gone through a very open and honest internal journey over recent months to get clarity on their brand. That’s a very brave process and one of the things that endeared the brand to us. It proved a genuine willingness to explore the retail market they operate in and not simply follow the herd.”

The Mission’s first work for Bite is due to break pre summer.

Mission Accomplished!

A Story of Monsters, Prince’s and Gold


You could be forgiven for thinking that it sounds like the plot for a CS Lewis story, but 2013 really was a fairy tale year for The Mission Control.

It started with a Royal visit from Prince Andrew, who came to check out a brand that we’d launched in New York just a few months earlier. Then we had the news that our Creative Monsters campaign had taken gold at the An Post awards in Dublin. We don’t normally get excited about awards and leave them for our clients to collect, but it really was very humbling to be recognised by our counterparts from across the border for our creativity and effectiveness. So thank you.

The next chapter in our fairy tale year came with the news that Prince Charles was coming to visit and that we had to prep for his arrival at the Prince’s Trust. Working with some trusted suppliers and in complete secrecy, it was soon another case of Mission Complete coupled with some very well practiced curtsies. Oh – did we mention that we were also award Recommended Agency Register status for the fourth consecutive year? We were really proud of that one.

But the real crowning achievement of the year wasn’t the opportunity to meet people with more impressive titles than Creative Director or admire our nice new shinny gold award, it was getting the opportunity to work with some pretty talented marketing teams within our clients’ ranks.

So thank you to all of the marketing managers, directors, presidents, coordinators and executives that have made 2013 such an amazing year.

Happy New Year!

The Mission Finds Itself In A Win, Win Situation


What a fabulous month. We’re delighted to announce that we have just picked up not one, but two new clients in a single day. Our first win comes following a competitive pitch for a new chain of gourmet fast food restaurants. The win will see us create a new brand identity for the chain including naming, fascia and internal design as well as an extensive marketing campaign to introduce the brand.

Our second win hot on the heels of this is for a service that is close to our heart. We will be working with one of the UK’s leading care home providers to not only enhance their branding, including digital presence and internal wayfinding, but also creating engaging content that will help families facing the difficult decision of having to place a loved one in a caring and secure environment to do so with informed confidence.

Mission Accomplished!