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The Mission Control Communications picks up 4 awards on 2 continents in 1 day.

New York | London

16 May 2018

Taking on some of the world’s leading advertising, branding and marketing agencies, The Mission Control Communications has won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze for its work with corporate clients at two of the advertising world’s most hotly contested events in New York and London.

Awards won by The Mission Control Communications for clients in the United States and Europe at the 2018 Communicator Awards and Creativepool Annual Launch Awards span three key aspects of corporate communications, including Branding, Corporate Identity and Advertising for the following:

Liberty Mutual Surety – Surety You

  • Gold, Corporate Identity Campaign-Identity Programme for Corporate Communications CA
  • Gold, Campaign-Branding for Integrated Campaign CA

Science Heroes and Heroines

  • Silver, Campaign for Marketing CA
  • Bronze, Direct Mail CP

Whilst awards are not a driving force for our agency, they do demonstrate a benchmark that places us alongside some of the best known and most highly respected advertising, branding and design groups in the world,” said James Killoran, Strategy Director at The Mission Control Communications.

More importantly – they are a testament to the relationships we have built and continue to build with our clients, that collectively, allow us to compete and win with such consistency on an international stage.

With now more than a dozen worldwide awards and as many nominations under its belt in just three years, The Mission Control Communications is proving that size and location are no barrier to creating outstanding work in some of the most challenging sectors of the industry for clients that expect results.

Commenting on one of the agency’s wins, Creativepool Judge and Executive Creative Director at Grey Group, New York, Joanna Carver commented: “Really nice thinking. I’m sure it felt very personal to each person receiving it. I love that you used each person’s desk as a media – really smart. This campaign absolutely deserves credit. Rare to see an internal campaign go to this level of thought and effort and I applaud all of the craft that went into it.

Mission Accomplished!

Further Details:

The Communicator Awards (CA) receives more than 6,000 entries from agencies worldwide and recognises work that is best in field.

Creativepool (CP) saw over 2,000 entries from agencies in more than 18 countries with over 20,000 votes cast during the People’s Choice.

The Mission Control Communications – as a multi-award winning international advertising and brand design consultancy, The Mission Control Communications and dedicated science and healthcare studio, The Mission Discovery, works with clients and their in-house marketing teams to create intelligent and agile solutions that effectively engage audiences in today’s disruptive and highly competitive global marketplace, enabling brands to thrive. We work with brands spanning some of the most tightly regulated sectors of advertising and marketing in the world, with fortune 500 companies ranging from – Liberty Mutual Surety to pharmaceutical, biotech and life science giants. Our work is rooted in sound intelligence supported by a structured services architecture that compliments client needs across strategy and positioning, advertising and design, brand origination and evolution, project and campaign planning, engagement and activation, and internal and external cultural alignment. For more information, please visit THEMISSIONCONTROL.COM and follow The Mission Control on LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK , TWITTER and CREATIVEPOOL.

Why winning international awards is good for business.

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‘Winning awards isn’t about being smug. It’s about setting an international standard for your clients’ work that raises it above that of its competitors,’ says The Mission Control Communications.

There is now a valid case with volumes of supporting evidence that proves, effective, creative, and award-winning work drives sales and improves share price performance in science and healthcare – a sector that previously had a reputation for shying away from ‘creative’ advertising and marketing.

This alignment between creativity and a booming bottom line was first demonstrated in the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising’s 2010 white paper, ‘The Link Between Creativity and Effectiveness’, which looked at 10 years of its Effectiveness Awards (which assess marketing ROI) compared with data over the same time period from The Gunn Report (an annual publication ranking the most creatively-awarded advertising).

Notably, creatively-awarded campaigns were 11 times more effective at driving market share growth than those that didn’t win awards. Even with equal investment, creatively-awarded campaigns were more successful across sales volume gain, market penetration, customer acquisition and loyalty, while a strong correlation was discovered between increased creativity (where more creative awards were won) and improved levels of commercial effectiveness.

This was substantiated a year later by James Hurman in his book The Case for Creativity, which analysed 30 years’-worth of data, including the business results from Cannes Lions’ Creative Marketers of the Year. He states: ‘In every case, the companies that have been most tenacious in their pursuit of great creativity have been among the ones outperforming the stock market and enjoying historic periods of financial prosperity.’” (source IPA)

Understanding the commercial benefits of awards to a brand, we approach every project with the mindset that no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it might appear, even to the client, it has the potential to be an award winner. Again – the award itself is not the objective; it’s recognizing that the thinking that goes into an award winning piece of work is proven to be commercially more beneficial to a brand. The actually trophies, whilst nice, are simply a byproduct.

We’ve applied this approach to every brand we work with and it works. Our clients have seen their ranking in the Fortune 500 jump and profits as much as double in some instances. Many of our clients have also found that a ‘winning’ culture has yielded successes in other areas of their business and in addition to the awards we enter on their behalf, they are also entering and winning directly across multiple categories.

The result, motivated workforces, confident investors and increased sales and brand influence.

All in all – we’d call that Mission Accomplished!

Hell yes, we’re effective.


When we launched earlier this year, we wanted to prove to people that our quirky way of doing things actually gets results. We’re strategic in what we do, but in a down-to-earth way. We don’t aim to baffle people with buzzwords and technical jargon; we simply aim to help them create work that is strategically destined to succeed.

Well – in less than a year, the team has scooped 4 international effectiveness awards including 3 Generator Effectiveness Awards and 1 Davey Effectiveness Award – so we must be doing something right.

At this rate – we might need to get a shelf or something.

Mission Accomplished!

Multi Awarded Communicators


We’ve always known that we are effective Communicators – but now it seems we have the awards to prove it. Designed and cast by the same foundry that make the Oscars®, our three Communicator Awards come from working with great clients who believe in effective communications that push boundaries.

We’ve been waiting for these bad boys to arrive from New York now for a few weeks now, so pretty excited to finally have them in our hands.

Mission Accomplished!  

Here’s a measure of our effectiveness


All in all it’s been a pretty interesting couple of weeks. First – we won 3 Communicator effectiveness awards in New York and then one of the other clients we work with happened to win the General Election ousting Labour, UKIP and the Liberal Democrat leaders in the process.

So I guess we really don’t have that much to complain about on a cold, wet Friday afternoon.

Mission Accomplished!

Multiple Wins in New York at the Communicator Awards for The Mission Control.

The Mission - King Kong

New York, NY (April 26, 2015) Earlier today the winners of the 2015 Communicator Awards were announced by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. With more than 6,000 entries received from across the US and around the world, we were over the moon to hear that The Mission Control had scooped not one, not two, but three silver awards with distinction at the international event that recognizes the best and most effective work.

The campaigns awarded include the Equiniti PeopleAX Integrated Campaign Strategy for Effectiveness and Unleash Your Creative Monster for Best Use of Direct Mail and Best Self Promotion.

Created by RS Owens, the producer of the Oscar® and Emmy® Awards, the new Communicator statuette is a symbol of the continued pursuit of excellence in marketing and communications and the three wins are an amazing endorsement of The Mission Control and its ability to deliver highly effective B2B campaigns at a world class level.

This is not the first time that The Mission Control has been recognized internationally for the effectiveness of its work – last year the agency also picked up awards in the States for the launch of the new Taconic brand campaign.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized at the awards,” says James Killoran, Strategy Director at The Mission Control. “But to be competing and winning at this international level proves, like our motto says, everything’s possible.”

Judges from this year’s awards include, Condè Nast, Disney, Keller Crescent, Lockheed Martin, Monster.com, MTV, Time Inc., Tribal DDB and Yahoo.

Mission Accomplished!