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The Mission Control. Think Different.


It’s probably one of the best know logos in the world – yet when it comes to the design and marketing industry, perhaps one of the most misunderstood. When you look at the Apple logo – what do you see?

OK smartarses – yes you see an apple – well to be accurate, what you actually see is part of an apple. That’s right – there’s something missing.

Now – this is where I believe the confusion has crept in. Increasingly the world of business has come to see the Apple as a design solution as opposed to what it actually is – a tool – albeit a complex and expensive one.

So what’s missing? What is the Apple logo telling us if we take the time to study it?

I guess the short answer to that is – it’s missing ‘human creative input’ – that bit of inspiration that can only ever come from the neural circuitry and sparking neurons of a person that spends their life filling their head with ideas and asking questions. The person that thinks beyond the processing power of the machine and the limitations of the software coding.

For all of his creative wizardry and visionary design, the legendary Steve Jobs never managed to create that final piece of the logo. That little missing piece on the top right hand corner of every Apple logo that reminds us, great design comes from a person – not a machine. Then again – perhaps he always knew that!

Mission Accomplished!


Unleash Your Creative Monster


We all have a Creative Monster lurking somewhere inside us. The problem is that society has conditioned most of us to lock it away and conform to the social norms.

But here’s an idea. Why not let your Creative Monster out to play today? Go on. Unleash Your Creative Monster today and do something creative that you’ve always wanted to and then share it with the world.