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Branding. The Science.



One of the most interesting things about working in the creative industry is that you are constantly learning about new things. In this case it was a field of science that has massive implications for human health and wellbeing.

Our mission was to work with the client to create a brand that would act as a beacon for the scientific and research community to discuss and share information relating to translational micorbiome.

Originally created for the launch of a blog in the United States, we have subsequently created marketing collateral for the blog in Europe also. Drawing inspiration from the colourful animations used to illustrate the subject matter within the scientific community, our response provided TMRF with the ability to colour coordinate specific sections within the blog as required.

The brand also sought to add a vibrancy to the subject matter which is reflected in the energy and trends set by those leading the breakthroughs in the area.

Mission Accomplished!