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The Drum Creative Works


We just received word from The Drum this morning that our ‘Unleash Your Creative Monster’ campaign has made the cut and is one of the projects nominated in The Drum Creative Works this month. 

We’re up against some really nice work from some other very talented agencies, so please take a minute and follow the link attached and vote for The Mission Control Unleash Your Creative Monster!


Many thanks one and all!


A Story of Monsters, Prince’s and Gold


You could be forgiven for thinking that it sounds like the plot for a CS Lewis story, but 2013 really was a fairy tale year for The Mission Control.

It started with a Royal visit from Prince Andrew, who came to check out a brand that we’d launched in New York just a few months earlier. Then we had the news that our Creative Monsters campaign had taken gold at the An Post awards in Dublin. We don’t normally get excited about awards and leave them for our clients to collect, but it really was very humbling to be recognised by our counterparts from across the border for our creativity and effectiveness. So thank you.

The next chapter in our fairy tale year came with the news that Prince Charles was coming to visit and that we had to prep for his arrival at the Prince’s Trust. Working with some trusted suppliers and in complete secrecy, it was soon another case of Mission Complete coupled with some very well practiced curtsies. Oh – did we mention that we were also award Recommended Agency Register status for the fourth consecutive year? We were really proud of that one.

But the real crowning achievement of the year wasn’t the opportunity to meet people with more impressive titles than Creative Director or admire our nice new shinny gold award, it was getting the opportunity to work with some pretty talented marketing teams within our clients’ ranks.

So thank you to all of the marketing managers, directors, presidents, coordinators and executives that have made 2013 such an amazing year.

Happy New Year!

Monsters. Awards and Two Hours in a Car!


OK. So last Thursday night we had to go to the 2013 An Post Integrated Direct Marketing Awards in Dublin. We were the only agency from Northern Ireland that had been shortlisted. This left us with a problem. How do we amuse ourselves for 2 hours on the car journey there?


We decided to create a diary of the journey and the exploits of our Creative Muse…

…Meet Boris, the original Creative Monster and the inspiration behind our now award winning ‘Unleash Your Creative Monster’ campaign.

Boris wasn’t always this fortunate however. When we first found him back in 2012, he was rummaging through some old concepts in our studio. Like many of his kind, Boris had been ignored by other agencies before escaping and finding his way to The Mission; attracted by the scent of great ideas and the lights burning into the small hours of the morning.

A little T.L.C., and some belly rubbing and Boris was soon part of our team. We found that the more great ideas we fed him, the more of his kind turned up. Pretty soon we were overrun by Creative Monsters.


So we began to release them back into the wild. We tracked down hundreds of brand and marketing managers and soon we were Unleashing Creative Monsters all over the world.

Our release programme proved a massive hit. Within weeks Creative Monsters had been unleashed in New York, Los Angles, Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Frankfurt, Cologne, Sydney, Belfast, Dublin and London. Well you get the idea…

Then last month we heard that An Post had shortlisted us in their 2013 Integrated Direct Marketing Awards for all of our hard work in helping people like you to ‘Unleash Your Creative Monster’.

So on Thursday night, Boris put on his bowtie and set-off to Dublin to compete against some of the biggest names in the industry. Still a shy little creature at heart, he invited some of us to come along with him.


Approaching the border, Boris was in great form and actually treated us to an impromptu version of Gangnam Style ‘The Monster Mash Up’ version. “Whoop Up Gangnam Style Grrrrrr….


As we crossed the border from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland, we were delighted to see that An Post had sent us an escort. A lovely big green lorry just for us! How thoughtful and polite.


But Boris was in a hurry. He hadn’t eaten all day so we couldn’t wait and had to dash on ahead of our escort.


Wave as you go past Boris and be a polite little Creative Monster to the nice man in the An Post lorry.


Finally we reached the Mansion House and settled in the evening. Perhaps it was the nerves or maybe just because he was thirsty, but Boris emptied his glass and most of those around him. Boris had a secondary Mission – to get fuzzy on the fizzy!


Then came the moment of truth. We were up against three of the biggest and best known agencies in the country. We all pretended it didn’t matter and that it was the privilege of being shortlisted in the first that mattered. But deep down inside we all knew the ugly truth. It was all about the winning. Our hearts began to beat faster; unconsciously we all moved a little closer to the edge of the seat. The bronze was awarded. The silver was awarded to the agency we had pegged as being the cert. And then… “The winner is…. …The Mission Unleash Your Creative Monster!

We didn’t even see Boris go he was that fast. He was the first on stage bowling over anyone that got in his way and collected the award on behalf of The Mission and Creative Monsters all over the world. Good one Boris!


And here we see a well deserved Gold Winning Creative Monster standing outside The Mansion House about to be Unleashed onto the Streets of Dublin for the night.

Oh and we also promise to spend the €5,000 we won as part of the Award in helping hundreds more Creative Monsters like Boris find their way into good businesses all over the world.

Mission Accomplished!




Best Agency Self Promotion Shortlist for The Mission.


We’re absolutely delighted to be one of four agencies shortlisted for this year’s An Post Direct Mailing Award in the ‘Best Agency Self Promotion’ Category for our ‘Unleash Your Creative Monster’ campaign.

The An Post Direct Mailing Awards are recognised as one of the most prestigious marketing events of the year and we are proud to be competing against some of the biggest and best-known names in the industry, including Javelin Direct, Darkhorse and Ignition.

For more information on the awards, visit: http://www.anpostdmawards.com/

Unleash Your Creative Monster


We all have a Creative Monster lurking somewhere inside us. The problem is that society has conditioned most of us to lock it away and conform to the social norms.

But here’s an idea. Why not let your Creative Monster out to play today? Go on. Unleash Your Creative Monster today and do something creative that you’ve always wanted to and then share it with the world.