US Award Honouring Advertising Excellence


The Mission Control was a little bit too busy to get involved in the local advertising awards this year but apparently that didn’t stop our work from being recognised and picking up an award for Advertising Excellence and Outstanding Achievement in the United States.

The award itself comes from Readex Research on behalf of Nature for an integrated campaign developed in partnership with the Taconic Biosciences marketing team earlier this year. The ‘Bridging the Gap’ campaign was developed as part of an interim strategy that ran prior to the global rebrand that took place in September.

It’s fair to say that no one was actually thinking about awards when the campaign was being created, the mission was simply to stimulate audience engagement and lay the foundations for discussion and debate ahead of the rebrand. But independent Readex Research identified the effectiveness of ‘Bridging the Gap’ in the sector resulting in not only the initial campaign nomination but also the subsequent award.

Bridging the Gap was created as a challenger campaign to actively prompt discussion and debate amongst a highly intelligent international scientific community. It’s fair to say that this award comes as independent validation of the campaign’s outstanding effectiveness in a highly competitive market.

Mission Accomplished!


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